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Hi Everyone,

Today, I want to share a cool story from one of my recent projects. It’s about how a simple tool led me to a big find, worth about $750, in just a couple of minutes.

Starting Off: Whenever I start Bug Bounty, I focus heavily on what we call “deep recon”—basically, really digging into the details. During one of these deep dive sessions, I used a tool called Uncover, which is great for finding hidden info that’s not usually easy to spot.

The Big Find: While using Uncover, I stumbled upon the origin IP address of a payment system for a company I was looking into. This was a huge deal because it’s the core of how they handle online transactions. Finding it meant I could look deeper into their network than I was supposed to.

How I Did It: Here’s the command I used:

uncover -q "" -e shodan

This command asks Uncover to fetch data from Shodan, a service that tracks devices connected to the internet. It showed me some internal parts of the network that were really not meant to be seen, especially the ports used for their payment services.

So, What’s the Big Deal? Finding this IP meant I could see parts of the company’s system that handle sensitive payment information. This is crucial for them (and for any company) because it points out where they might be vulnerable to attacks. It’s a big deal in the security field because it helps companies fix these issues before they turn into bigger problems.

If you’re into cybersecurity, or just starting out, check out Uncover. It’s a simple but powerful way to get a look at what’s really happening behind the scenes of any company.

Here’s where you can find the tool and give it a try: Uncover on GitHub.


That’s all for now. Dive deep and keep your hacking ethical!

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